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Buncha kids Buncha kids 2004101301.jpg
Saki-chan (on the right) often has her cohorts over to play. Actually, it's mostly because the Yoshitakas host so many parties! Go figure.
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Buying from Saki-store Buying from Saki-store 2004101601.jpg
いらっしゃいませ!いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to the Saki-store... where everything is 30 yen! Gold rings? Plastic bracelets? All 30 yen!
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Building a VHS house 1 Building a VHS house 1 2004101701.jpg
One of Saki-chan's pastimes: busting out all the video tapes and making towers out of them! Actually, this may have been inspired after I showed her how I could make castles out of cards... it most certainly is easier to do it with VHS tapes, I'll tell you that!
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Building a VHS house 2 Building a VHS house 2 2004101702.jpg
More VHS madness. Tapes make much noise when clattering to a wooden floor.
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