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Japanese keyboard Japanese keyboard 2004102601.jpg
This is what a standard Japanese keyboard looks like. Note the interesting location of some of the keys (including all the new ones), and how, for instance, the @ symbol is its own key. I have to make a conscious effort to hit the right keys when I use these things!
640x480 56780 bytes JPEG Image 10/26/2004

Removing the iMac Removing the iMac 2004102901.jpg
At my job in the Japan Study office, I got the pleasure of removing an old iMac that wasn't being used anymore. I just had to get this picture. There was no alternative. *laughs*
480x640 48291 bytes JPEG Image 10/29/2004

Tiny car Tiny car 2004102902.jpg
My my, this is a tiny car. We need these little buggers in America, you know? That would totally rock... I might even buy one.
640x480 68994 bytes JPEG Image 10/29/2004
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