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The Onishis The Onishis 2004110701.jpg
Here's a family shot of the Onishis before our dinner was served at the okonomiyaki restaurant. From left to right: Kazuki, K, Mrs. Onishi, and Mr. Onishi. If there was a Japanese version of my dad somewhere in the world, it would most likely be Mr. Onishi.
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Kind of the Onishis Kind of the Onishis 2004110702.jpg
Same picture as above, except there's some random floozy thrown in there replacing Mrs. Onishi. Yes, that's 80% OJ I have in my hand. From a fountain. With free refills!

I have no idea how my neck did that. o_O
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Making the okonomiyaki Making the okonomiyaki 2004110703.jpg
This is what okonomiyaki looks like when you're just about done cooking it. You take these bowls of mixed vegetables and a raw egg and cook it on a hot table right in front of you. They provide instructions on how to do it, but the Onishis are pros and could probably do it with an eyeball tied behind their left foot.
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I'm not drunk I'm not drunk 2004110704.jpg
Yes, that's me.

And no, I am NOT drunk. Or on drugs. Or anything like that. I honestly don't know how in the world I got myself to look like that. But... yeah. Let the blackmailing begin.
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Gerf in mayo Gerf in mayo 2004110705.jpg
One of the last things you put on okonomiyaki before slicing it up like a pizza and serving it is mayo. The Japanese love their mayo. K had made my face in mayo, complete with glasses and everything, but he obliterated it before I could get my camera out. Which is too bad, because it was hilarious. ^__^
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Yakisoba Yakisoba 2004110706.jpg
After the okonomiyaki, we had a second course that consisted of fried soba noodles and veggies. Oh yeah, and shrimp and octopus. Can't forget the seafood. ;)
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Kazuki Kazuki 2004110707.jpg
Kazuki wanted a picture... so here it is. *laughs*
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The Onishi parents The Onishi parents 2004110708.jpg
They didn't specifically ask for one like Kazuki did, but I took one anyway. *laughs* Nice folks. Glad I met them!
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