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Stephanie on a spit Stephanie on a spit 2004121101.jpg
Papa took me to a party at one of his friends' houses where a bunch of folks from the Maru pub were having a cottage party-esque cookout and good time. The centerpiece (well, one of them anyway) was a pig formerly named Stephanie. I had never actually seen a cookout like this before, but hey, you learn/see something new every day. Pretty yummy, too. ^__^
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Getting some food Getting some food 2004121102.jpg
As with every party I've been to so far, there was a LOT of food and a LOT of drink. And when the food got scarce, they just brought more out!
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Host parents chatting Host parents chatting 2004121103.jpg
Mama and Papa had a good time too, by the way. ;)
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A hand game A hand game 2004121104.jpg
Some nice ladies played what seemed to be traditional Japanese children's games with Saki-chan for a little while, which were very fun to watch. It's funny sometimes to see a four-year-old know things you don't... even if they are just silly "Pattycake"-type games. Fun stuff!
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Salmon and smoke Salmon and smoke 2004121105.jpg
When the sun went down and Stephanie was mostly eaten, out came the salmon! These things were huge... like, two feet long! Slap them down on a hot griddle and drop loads of veggies on them and you've got a sweet-smelling (and rather smoky), tasty treat! That was some really good salmon.
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Udon delivery Udon delivery 2004121106.jpg
Remember what I said about more food always being brought out? Well, what are you to do when you've more or less exhausted even your reserve supplies? Order out some udon, of course! Just like we have pizza delivery in the States, you have noodle delivery here in Japan. You get trays of fresh noodles along with all the bowls, chopsticks, and fluids you need to make some smashing-good udon, soba, or whatever.

That was some very, very yummy udon. I would have eaten more if I wasn't already so full!
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