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Me and the gals Me and the gals 2004121201.jpg
This is a rather amusing picture... it seems so balanced somehow. Suzie, Esra, Gerf, Mika, Asuka.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to say where we are! This is from the combination Thanksgiving/Christmas/Farewell dinner that Japan Study put on for us to get our host families together... and us, of course. Lots of food, lots of fun!
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The Yoshitakas The Yoshitakas 2004121202.jpg
Mama, Papa, and Saki-chan came along for the dinner; they mostly sat/stood in the corner most of the time, though Saki-chan was running around all over the place like a four-year-old... since she's four. ;)
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More friends More friends 2004121203.jpg
More friends! Not quite as balanced as that last one, but still a nice shot.
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Group shot Group shot 2004121204.jpg
Talk about not balanced! *laughs* This picture turned out great: funny, lively, full of friends. And no, we're NOT being mean to poor Suzie. ;)
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Walking Saki-chan Walking Saki-chan 2004121205.jpg
One of the things Saki-chan and I did a lot of during the party was... well, walk. She stood on my feet and I dragged her around, announcing our locations and destinations like the announcers on the trains. "ご乗車ありがとうございます。まもなく、吉高です。忘れ物をなさいませんよ。ご注意下さい。" (Thank you for riding with us. Next stop: Yoshitaka. Please be careful and do not leave anything behind.)
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