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Getting tea Getting tea 2004121601.jpg
On Thursday after giving all of our speeches about our commutes or circles/clubs we were in (super-entertaining... ), the Japanese teachers treated us all to lunch at a nearby soba restaurant. We all got to sit in a traditional tatami mat room on the floor. Here we're being served some tea... boy, that was some FANTASTIC tea!
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Mmmm, tempura Mmmm, tempura 2004121602.jpg
I think this was the first time Catalina had ever had tempura. First time for everything!

Tempura is very tasty, by the way. I can even eat eggplant if it's tempura eggplant!
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Long noodles Long noodles 2004121603.jpg
This picture just cracks me up. Jeff's expression is just... classic. ^__^

When you get ざる ("zaru") noodles (they're served cold and not in water, unlike かけ "kake" noodles), you pick them up and dip them in a soupy sauce before eating them. And since they're so long, many times you have to REALLY stretch to get your selection detached from the rest of the noodles on your plate. Makes for some amusing photo ops!
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Teachers and classmates Teachers and classmates 2004121604.jpg
The two Japanese 3A teachers... can you figure out who they are? ;)

Nice folks. Happy to be learning from them.
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Group shot 1 Group shot 1 2004121605.jpg
Everybody smile! Minus Gerf... because he's taking the picture!
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Group shot 2 Group shot 2 2004121606.jpg
Gotta love cameras that can take pictures for you. ^__^
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