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Running to the bathroom Running to the bathroom 2004121701.jpg
Okay, so here's the scoop. On our last Kanji Japanese class of 2004, the teacher randomly said, "I can eat chalk!" and... well, proceeded to eat chalk in front of the class. For no reason. It was hilarious.

Here we have the teacher laughing and Catalina running off to the bathroom after munching on some chalk. Hilarious.
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Chomp it down Chomp it down 2004121702.jpg
Catalina came back for some more action later... this time she was a little more daring.

Apparently there were two kinds of chalk in the teacher's collection: normal chalk and chalk that you could both write with and eat. She distributed the "fake" chalk to everyone... but by that time, I had already eaten some of the normal chalk. o_O; Definitely an odd flavor... or lack thereof. I'll stick to Rolaids and Tums, thank you very much.
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Huge city Huge city 2004121703.jpg
Later that day I went to Shibuya for a jazz concert with Papa and the Kobayashis. We heard "Traveling with L.A. Friends," led by Sadao Watanabe. Very awesome concert: you can take me to a jazz concert any day. ^__^

But yeah, Shibuya is a beast. I thought Takadanobaba was pretty hoppin'; Shibuya makes good ol' Baba look like... um, like Broadview Heights as compared to Cleveland. Or New York. Or something. We're talking everything lit up, music and announcements everywhere. Hardly any cars, because the streets were completely full of people. There was one intersection in front of the train station that was *counts* maybe six-way or something... and when the lights changed, you couldn't see the street anymore... or the cars in it, for that matter. 渋谷=本当のにぎやかな所ですよ。
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Steak restaurant Steak restaurant 2004121704.jpg
After the concert, Papa, the Kobayashis, and I went to this restaurant called "Pepper Lunch" that served hamburgers and steaks (not the American way, though... you pretty much cooked your own meat here!). One interesting thing about restaurants here in Japan is that they are often multi-story (this picture was taken on the second floor). When space is limited, you've gotta build UP!
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