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Chopstick game 1 Chopstick game 1 2004122101.jpg
In our last Japanese class of 2004, we did a bunch of fun things: watched a movie, learned about New Years cards, and even played a game! The goal: be the first team to have everyone pick up all these tiny dry beans with chopsticks and put them into a cup. The teacher said it's even a challenge for Japanese people! My team came in first place. Whoo! I won a red hand towel with an angel stitched into it. Could have won candy, but you can use a hand towel many times. ^__^
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Chopstick game 2 Chopstick game 2 2004122102.jpg
Everyone had gotten all their beans in their cups and had claimed their prizes... except for poor Rylan! Jeff's here taking a picture with his cell phone, while the rest of the people show their support. By... milling around elsewhere. *laughs*
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Esra's umbrella Esra's umbrella 2004122103.jpg
Esra is one of the students from the Japan Study group who went home already; on the last day, Becca gave her a traditional かさ ("kasa," umbrella) as a farewell gift. What a nice gift!
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