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Cake shot 1 Cake shot 1 2004122201.jpg
Man, the Yoshitakas seem to have some sort of party just about every single day! This one was a cake-making party... and there were a bunch of cakes! As well as a bunch of people. Like, 20-30 of 'em. Dag, to.
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Cake shot 2 Cake shot 2 2004122202.jpg
The same cakes, just from the other side of the table so you can see the decorations on the top. I ended up cropping this one up a bit and printing it out so Mama could send it to her friends that came.
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Crowded as usual Crowded as usual 2004122203.jpg
Of course, with many parties comes many instances of the house being quite crowded. It's a good thing the Yoshitakas have a pretty big house!
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